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by Larry Neal Gowdy - Updated October 07, 2013

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I raised an eyebrow to this one.

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Having invested a decade and untold thousands of hours tinkering with SEO, plus my having numerous sites and pages at or near the top of all known search engines, I believe that I am well qualified to say - with a shrug of the shoulders - that I would not bet on the effectiveness of any one SEO technique.

Yes, I am confident that I now know some of the features in a web page that can make or break the page's search engine ranking, but I am also aware that there exist other metrics that are likely not openly discussed in the many SEO sites. I am also confident that if there were an important enough reason for a website to earn the number one keyword spot on Google®, I could very likely make it happen, but it would require a heck of a lot of work, and the customer better be able to afford it. ;)

Though I may never give away trade secrets I would like to share some ideas on SEO that I believe are not only good for you the webmaster but also good for the Internet as a whole.

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