Greening of the Internet

First Impressions - Greening of the Internet

by Larry Neal Gowdy - updated October 07, 2013 - final update August 06, 2018

First Impressions - John Sullivan photograph used by Green Internet

Photo by John Sullivan

I was the webmaster for Green Internet, a small organization that tinkered with ideas of how we might establish a few general standards of what might distinguish a site as being green. For five years I lived off of the grid, powering my laptops with PV solar panels. While it is not reasonable to expect the general population to choose solar, we can make a small difference by purposefully building websites that are light in weight.

This section was originally intended to include several future articles about how everyone can painlessly do their part to help create a more enjoyable experience for all Internet users. I have been so busy with work that I have not yet had time to devote to this section, and too, since the topic of greening the Internet is surprisingly unpopular, then there has been no sense of urgency for me to expand the section.

To give you an idea of the popularity of the keywords "green internet," the Green Internet website was ranked in the top-five on search engines (sometimes #1) for its several different keywords when I had time to maintain the site, and though the site was ranked well we still did not get many visitors from search engines (typically around two or three visits a day). After watching the statistics for a couple of years and not seeing any improvement, I can now confidently state that I do not believe that the general Internet user is interested in the topic.

I have let the domain expire, but I will leave this section on the First Impressions site for a while longer just in case I might find a better use for the topic, but at present I do not have any immediate plans to add articles.

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