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by Larry Neal Gowdy - Updated October 07, 2013

Four Reasons Why You Want SEO Copyediting/Copywriting

Copyeditor / copywriter tools.

Copyeditor / copywriter tools.

(1) Text : Search engines are automated programs that read the text on your website, and some search engines appear to have the ability to read some of the text within Flash®, but search engines do not have eyes to see a website’s graphics. Except in the most rare of cases your site absolutely must have text before a search engine will rank your site well. Regardless of how pretty and/or expensive your site’s graphics may be, the only effect that graphics have on search engines is to cause your site to be ranked lower if the graphics are too large in kilobytes.

(2) Grammar: One of the most sure methods of having visitors never return to your site is by your site using poor grammar. Everyone makes boo-boos, and an occasional typo is expected, but it is unacceptable when a page has dozens of misspelled words, poorly structured sentences, and incorrect words (e.g. ‘there’ instead of ‘their’).

A positive nature of the Internet is that it enables us to communicate with other people all over the world regardless of which languages we speak. The drawback is that it has become common for a site’s grammar to reflect the broken English that is often spoken by individuals whose native languages are not English. While it is fully acceptable for broken English to be written in casual forums, it is not acceptable for broken English to be used in a website that is aimed for an English speaking public. The use of poor grammar makes a site appear amateurish, uneducated, and undesirable.

(3) Topic Knowledge: Where there exists strong competition for a keyword, there will also exist strong competition from individuals who are educated authorities on the topic. Too, if the topic is of a professional nature, then a high percentage of visitors will be of a similar education as those who are authorities on the subject. Your website should reflect a level of education and authority sufficient enough to convince visitors that the site’s information is valid and useful.

(4) Not too much, and not too little: Too many words can sometimes be as bad as not having enough words. Different topics require different choices of words, different lengths of sentences, different structuring of paragraphs, and many other details that an experienced SEO copywriter knows to create for the site.

Is your website aimed for post-graduate level individuals? If so, then is the sentence structure of an acceptable length, and do the sentences reflect a conformity to the differences of mathematical and prose styles of punctuation? Does the word “Chicago” mean anything to you other than it being the name of a city? If you are unaware of the differences between mathematical and prose structuring of sentence patterning – and unaware of the importance of Chicago – then you may offend the very audience that you are writing for.

Is your website aimed for a specific trade? If so, then does the wording reflect an experience that clearly describes to the reader that the writer is “one of us” in the trade? Subtleties can and do change the whole of a website, with words as innocuous as “electrical” and “electronic” implying worlds of differences to individuals who are themselves well experienced in the trades. A relatively small percentage of individuals would recognize that copper and ceramic placed together in a sentence is an indication of one’s experience within a specialized field of plumbing, and likewise your site’s prose is best presented when it drops little hints that tell professionals that your site was built with them in mind.

Copyeditor / copywriter article example.

Copyeditor / copywriter article example.

Over the past twenty years technology has grown too quickly for any of us to have maintained a good knowledge of all changes, but it remains a necessity that we are well versed in our own specialized fields. Your website is best presented when it reflects a true insider knowledge of whatever specialized field that the site is to compete.

It is not an accident that all of my current clients are quality. I purposefully aim my sites for a specific audience – the individuals that I want as customers – and the effort has been rewarding for the clients as well as myself. Very similar to how specific types of people prefer specific types of music, so also is there a song of rhythms in a person’s words, and if your site’s words do not sing the song that your preferred visitors want, then your site will likely not attract the preferred visitors.

How To Choose a SEO
Copywriter / Copyeditor

A good general rule of thumb is to count the number of words in each sentence, count the number of syllables per word, to give attention to the choice of words that a copywriter uses in his/her own sentences, and to then weigh the averages of all of the attributes combined. Are the words mostly monosyllables? Short words are evidence that the writer is either of a lower level of education or else the wording may be aimed for a specific audience that prefers brief wording. Short sentences lend evidence of a similar lessening of experience, or perhaps the words may be directed towards attracting individuals who are themselves not well experienced in the topic. Is the copywriter writing for you, writing for your audience, or is s/he writing for him/herself? Is the copyeditor editing your pages with the aim of presenting the wording that is palatable to your audience, or is the copyeditor merely doing a spell-check?

Look at the SEO copywriter’s own writings; have the articles been successful within search engines, or have the articles merely filled space without benefit to the visitors and the site’s owner? It is unlikely that all pages in a large website will have high rankings, but there should be specific pages that have earned notable recognition on search engines as well as by the public.

With a toothy smile I read what a search engine optimization copywriting company had written on a for-hire listing: (paraphrased) “Whatever you need! We’ll write something!” No, that attitude is not acceptable for a professional website: if your site is to be competitive, then your site must compete at a standard that is higher than your competitors’, which simply means that your site’s wording must reflect quality insider information, and not give the impression that it was written by an individual who is without personal firsthand experience.

Beyond Prodigies cover.

A new title currently being edited.

Varied examples of my work can be viewed at The Logics Blog,, here at the First Impressions site, and the numerous other sites listed on the Website Designing information page. At times I write for the general public, sometimes my words are aimed solely for search engines, and at other times I direct my words to be with the greater harmony of individuals who are of specific backgrounds. It is not difficult to browse my articles and find several different styles of writing, with each style having a specific purpose and audience in mind.

My own personal background includes my being the top number one salesman for three different companies (I am well experienced with customers from all walks of life), and I was the top number one electronics technician for two companies. Too, I have a width of education and experience within the fields of philosophy, physics, psychology, various theological branches, and several other topics. I am the author of “Reality,” a bestselling e-book in the science-technology genre at Mobipocket (now discontinued), plus I have written several other books – definitely not bestsellers – within the genres of action/adventure, history, philosophy, theology, self-help, and new age. For several years I was the editor for Woven Strings Publishing, which is not much important in of itself, but it did present to me the opportunity to view and learn from the editing of a high volume of varied writing styles.

I truly love my work of web design and search engine optimization, and my previous background has been a tremendous asset to my SEO techniques. I can write authoritatively on many topics, and if there is a subject that I do not feel qualified to write about, I am not shy to tell the customer and to recommend using a different SEO copywriter.

My William James Sidis page – currently ranked #2 on Google® under its primary keywords – is illustrative of what a generic article looks like that has proper SEO copywriting and other forms of basic organic search engine optimization. One of the reasons why the page is ranked well is because it is authoritative: the information is based upon firsthand historical research and firsthand knowledge of the primary topics themselves. A similar level of authoritative content can be applied to most other topics as well.

And now that I have listed several of the qualities that mark a high ranked web page, I must also clarify that none of the ingredients are good enough by themselves to create a well ranked page. Without the inclusion of other SEO techniques the page may remain but one of the hundreds of millions of similar pages that are never found on search engines, and here is where the experienced SEO copywriter and SEO copyeditor earn their pay by knowing how to blend the ingredients to create a useful web page.

There is a humor in my having recognized within myself that often before I speak – even in a casual atmosphere – I arrange my words with the goal of their being search engine optimized. Yes, SEO copywriting is a thing that I take very seriously.

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